Saturday, 20 March 2010

Screen printing again

It's been a while, but I finally got around to doing some screen printing again - my favourite technique. I have an idea for a new quilt and here are some test prints. As you may have guessed, they are based on pics of my boys on their bikes.

Of course you can still leave a comment on the previous posting to go in the draw for the selvedge bag. One hundred and seven comments already - WOW!!!
You may have noticed that I have some more changes to the blog in the meantime - well, the long-time readers may have, not all the newbies who were sent by Karen at the Selvage Blog!
I have chosen a new template and Brenda Smith has very kindly helped me in making the beautiful header. Thanks Brenda!

I'll leave you with this pic of my 3-year old playing with a sewing machine at his Kindy. Hmmm... some potential there, I think!


MILLY said...

Your quilts are super and I like that you use your boys as the subjects. I have made a few small ones.
Thankyou for the lovely comment about your treasures. I enoyed reading it. Pomona won the tag.
Best wishes milly

Lynn Cohen said...

Love these sillouettes. Have you posted HOW you do them?
Sweet child! Love that he plays with a sewing machine.