Sunday 31 March 2019

Panda Glasses Holder

A while ago I spotted some funny crocheted Muppet and Smurf eyeglasses holders. I decided to make one, but going through my yarn stash the only suitable yarn I could find was some chunky black and white. I didn't want to buy more yarn, so had to think of something that is black and white and has a round head...

A panda!

The holder would be even better if the ears were placed a bit lower, but hey, panda ears are situated at the top of the head, not the side...
Anyway, it works and I like it!

Sunday 24 March 2019


It's been very quiet here on the blog, because I didn't really have anything to share. But last week the quarterly magazine of the Dutch Quilters' Guild arrived, and it was a nice surprise to see two of my Lone Star quilts featured in an article about traditional blocks used in modern ways.

I made some more diamonds for my Lone Star Blanket, and also started a new crochet project that I hope to share here soon!

And other than that I have been working, reading a lot (you can see the books I read in My Bookshelf in the side bar), and running of course. Together with my eldest son and a friend I did the International Women's Day Fun Run 10km in Brisbane on March 3rd:

I also ran my 50th parkrun in February (in a tutu! See pic in sidebar) and brought my 5 km PB down by 2 seconds to 31:43. It's still very hot and humid here in Queensland, so I hope to bring it down further when it finally gets a bit cooler.

I have started training for my first half marathon (21.1 km) in July and am up to 14 km now! If you had told me three years ago that I would ever run that far, I would not have believed you...

Saty tuned for more crafty stuff soon!