Sunday 29 January 2012


This is Wooyung, the quilt I made for the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition. It has not been selected, which is disappointing of course, but not too much, for it is hanging in our dining room and we all love it. It is a whole cloth quilt, made from another gorgeous handdyed fabric from Dyed and Gone to Heaven. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make this quilt!

I really wanted to add some shells but since that would probably be a problem if the quilt had to travel, I didn't - now however I have started to attach some; will show it here when it's finished. I have been collecting shells with small holes at Wooyung Beach for this purpose!

This weekend I have been quite busy with my first custom order at Etsy - a customer bought the oilcloth bunting I showed here and asked if I could make two more as she wanted to hang them in a cubby house. I will send them off tomorrow - she has promised to send some photos, I can't wait to see them!

Tuesday 24 January 2012


We spend the last weekend of the summer holidays at Wooyung Beach, where I collected these treasures... I was also lucky enough to 'catch' this osprey with my zoom lens:

Yesterday school started again here in Queensland. I had taken the day off to be there at my youngest son's first day of school. He couldn't wait to join his brothers, but was a bit nervous nevertheless:

Today I went back to work - I am now working 4 short days instead of 3 full days, so I can pick the boys up from school (hubby brings them in the morning). Being home so early means that I can do some sewing/quilting in daylight, which is great! Today I started quilting the new quilt that I can't show here yet...

We were lucky to have a sunny weekend, for on Sunday night it started raining and it hasn't stopped since... Already streets are flooding here in Brisbane and the weather forecasts are saying it will rain all week...

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Red Work

The other day I saw some pictures of redwork quilts and I suddenly thought that printing my designs in red ink on white fabric might be a good idea... So on Monday night I did a massive screen printing session at the kitchen table (made 41 prints!) and yesterday at night (I work on Monday and Tuesday) I made a lot of Art Cards...

Today I was at home with the boys (it's the last week of the summer holidays here) and between gymnastics and the library managed to add them to my Etsy shop.

I also made some stretched prints:

... and a red-on-white Robot Calligram t-shirt! (the white-on-red Robot Calligram t-shirt is here)

This Dutch Houses ACEO (ATC) sold within 2 hours of adding it to the shop - wow! (I have added a new one, so it is for sale again)

I will be adding some of these items to the MadeIt shop as well in the next few days, but for now I am concentrating on my Etsy shop as I have almost reached the magic number of 100 items! I am already noticing an increase in sales - I have been to the post office five times in the last eight days!

Sunday 15 January 2012

Aprons, models, silly pics

I am working on a new quilt, but can't show it here yet :-(. I hate that! Since I do want to show you something, here are two aprons I made today and put up for sale in my Etsy shops. The red one with white dots can be found here on Etsy , the white one with red dots here on MadeIt.

I have heard that items for children sell better when you show them worn by a real child. So I asked my boys to model these aprons. They were happy to do that, but would only smile nicely at the camera if I made some silly pics of them afterwards. So here is my 5-year-old, Robbie:

My 7-year-old, Ernst:

And my almost-9-year-old (only 18 more sleeps!), Hugo (who is really too big for this apron but wanted a turn as well):

Gotta love 'em!

Sadly, the 5-year-old is now once more in bed with a migraine :-(. Poor little bugger, wish I could take the pain and nausea for him... And we had such a quiet weekend - what triggered it this time???

Monday 9 January 2012

I've got mail!

Today I received a parcel... In it was this gorgeous book (available for sale here).
And in the book...

The boys were very excited to see this quilt (that hangs in our living room) in a book!

I was supposed to be back at work today, but since our babysit is sick and it's still the school holidays, I had to stay at home. No problem! I got Robbie to model his Robot Calligram t-shirt and added it to my Blue Jacaranda shops:

Sunday 8 January 2012

Home again

We are back from a lovely, very relaxed holiday at Wooyung Beach. I am still sorting the hundreds of photos that I took, but here is one of a shell that I found.

Today is hubby's birthday. I baked him a Dutch appeltaart (apple cake):

It tasted as good as it looks! The recipe can be found here.

I reopened my Blue Jacaranda shops and made a few small things today to add to the Etsy shop. This week I hope to start on a new quilt...