Thursday 27 July 2017

More socks - and a granny square!

A few days ago I finished my second pair of socks! These are a belated birthday present for my sister-in-law - back in February I promised to make her a wall quilt, but I've gone off quilting a bit lately, so when she admired my first pair of socks on Facebook and casually told me her shoe size, I asked if I could knit her a pair of socks instead. That was okay, so I told her to choose her favourite yarn from Stray Cat Socks, ordered it and started knitting.
Stray Cat Socks is a yarn shop in New Zealand and they have the most gorgeous self-striping sock yarn! My sister-in-law chose Set Adrift and I ordered some Peacock yarn for myself. The yarn comes in an adorable box:

For this pair I used the same pattern as for my first pair: Kate Atherley's Basic Ribbed Socks, a free Ravelry pattern. This time I knitted the heels and toes with a matching solid colour (also available from Stray Cat Socks):

They are being modelled here by my youngest son - I will present them to their new owner tomorrow. Yes, the boys and I are still in the Netherlands (sadly hubby is already back in Sydney, he had to go back to work after two weeks), but only for two more nights - we fly back to Australia on Friday.
We've had a wonderful holiday in Europe - I will share some impressions here when we are back home, but in the meantime you can find pics from Rome and the Netherlands on my photo blog.
We are currently staying with my mother-in-law, and she has taught me how to crochet!

I've just finished my first granny square! The pattern came from this book, published in 1972:

There are some hilarious photos in it:

This is the granny square blanket (I'm not planning on making one, just wanted to learn the basics):

I'm so glad that I finally know how to crochet - there are lots of projects I want to try. To be continued...