Saturday 25 August 2018

Hi, it's me!

May I present... myself! Okay, my legs aren't as skinny IRL, but apart from that surely the likeness is striking?

Well, maybe not, but I'm still very happy with my running alter ego. Or, as someone called it, my personal action figure!
To make it I used this brilliant book:

It's not a standard pattern book - it has chapters showing you how to make heads and faces, upper and lower bodies, feet and shoes, hair, and accessories.

And most importantly, how to customise them so they look like the person you want them to look like.

I loved making this doll, and especially enjoyed adding the finishing touches, like my Garmin running watch:

... and my aqua running shoes!

If my kids had still been little I would definitely have started by making little versions of them instead of myself, but I thought my (almost-) teenagers wouldn't be interested. Imagine my surprise when they all said they loved mini-me, and could I please make dolls for them as well?

... Of course! ;-)

PS Yes, I still have to add my glasses, but so far I haven't been able to find the right material. So let's just assume for now that mini-me is wearing contacts...

Friday 17 August 2018

Textured cushion

This cushion was a 12th birthday present for my youngest son's dance partner.

Her mum chose the pattern (the Textured Pillow Cover by Leelee Knits) and bought the yarn (Spotlight Value Balls).

I enjoyed making it and the birthday girl loved it, that was nice :-)

These two have now been dancing together for six months and it's amazing to see how much they have improved in that time.

They have danced three competitions together so far. Here you can watch them dance the Merrilyn, a New Vogue dance:

The next competition is in September at the Luna Park in Sydney. Very exciting!

Thursday 16 August 2018

Sun visor

Look what I made! A crocheted sun visor. There was a pattern in issue 71 of Simply Crochet and I just had to try and make one - in purple, of course. Really happy with the result!

A good way to combine my two current obsessions - crochet and running!