Friday 19 August 2022

And even more socks


This winter has been very productive! After the rainbow socks that I showed in the previous posting I started on a pair of DK socks for my youngest son. I used the Fast Forward pattern by Kate Atherley again, and knitted these two at a time. I was quite proud of myself for mastering that skill, but to be honest, I didn't enjoy it very much, so have gone back to knitting one sock at a time. No second sock syndrome here so far ;-)

My son was very happy with his socks and our dog Shaggy liked them too! I immediately started on a pair for my middle son, again with DK yarn from Heathermaid, this time using the Sail Away DK Socks pattern by Felicity Ward. I also used my new Addi Sock Rockets magic loop needles - so much better than the old one that kept twisting.

These socks were a succes with both my son and our dog...

Sadly Shaggy got hold of one sock less than a week after I finished them...

I have mended it, and once again reminded my son not too leave his socks lying around where Shaggy can get them!

I had ordered three balls of DK yarn from Heathermaid, planning to knit a pair of socks for each of my three sons. But as our oldest is now living in the Netherlands, where it is summer, I decided to knit a pair for myself now, and a pair for him later in the year, to give to him when we visit the Netherlands in December. 

I wanted to try something new, so made the Sailors Rope DK Socks, also designed by Felicity Ward. Love the cable! I finished the pair earlier this week. When I tried to make some photos, Shaggy wanted to be in them as well:

That was my sixth pair of this year! And I'm not done with sock knitting yet. But winter is almost over, and before long we won't need warm socks here in Queensland, so I've started something a bit different: lace socks!

I bought some very soft alpaca/merino/nylon yarn from Heathermaid and have started on the Florentine Lace Socks. To be continued!