Thursday 26 May 2022

Winter is coming

 It's almost winter here Down Under and the nights are getting colder. Recently I dug up my beloved handmade socks again, the very first pair I ever knitted, back in 2017 when we lived in Sydney. Oh no, there was a hole in one of them!

I could have mended that hole, but the soles were also getting very threadbare... Time to knit a new pair!

In May 2017 I bought some blue self-striping sock yarn in Melbourne, when I was there for the National Gymnastics Championships. I made a start on the first sock (they were meant to be for my gymnast son), but then in July we went to the Netherlands, where my mother-in-law taught me to crochet... and the sock disappeared from sight... until a few weeks ago!

I was pleased to find that I still knew how to knit, and surprised at how much I enjoyed it! After a few weeks of knitting regularly both socks were finished (I had to Google how to cast on, as I had completely forgotten!). They fit very well, just like the previous pair (I used the Basic Ribbed Socks pattern by Kate Atherley for both pairs).

I'm very keen to do some more knitting in the coming months, so have ordered a few balls of self-striping yarn from HeatherMaid on Etsy.

I've already started knitting with the rainbow yarn - it's so much fun to watch the colours appear!

For this pair I am using the Pin Striped Socks pattern designed by Julia Swart. Can't wait to add the afterthought heel to my sock-knitting repertoire!

PS I am also quilting the t-shirt quilt, bit by bit. I tried an all-over pattern, but that wasn't a success, so I am now quilting in the ditch. It's about halfway done. Not really enjoying that part, but still excited about the quilt itself. Stay tuned!