Monday 24 August 2015


We have moved! The new house is lovely - large, full of light, and in a very quiet street, with our back gate leading to the Kedron Brook. I have done a lot of unpacking in the last week and most of the rooms are now free of boxes. I love our new bedroom!

Sadly my sewing room is not ready yet - it is waiting for a new bookcase (bought at Ikea yesterday) to be assembled. I hope to do that in the next few days...

In the meantime I have started a new crafty project that can be done at the kitchen table - a t-shirt shag rug. I've also dug up the jar quilt that I made back in 2007 - our first year in Australia. The boys still love it!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Another PTT Post Bag

It has arrived in the Netherlands, so I can finally show it here: another PTT post bag, made from a vintage Dutch post bag.

I made this bag for a good friend in Holland, who saw my bag when we visited her in January and exclaimed that she would love to have one like that :-)

Well, I had bought two more vintage post bags when we were in Holland... Today is her birthday and it arrived yesterday, perfect timing! She told me she loved it :-)

I have now made three PTT post  bags:

The first one (left) in November last year, for myself. The second one (middle) earlier this year, for my friend who was living in New Zealand at that time. And now this one, which will be the last one as I have no more vintage post bags (and no desire to buy any new ones!):

I do have some scraps of the fabric left and may use them to make a cushion - once we have moved and settled in the new house. This is what my sewing room looks like now!

Saturday 8 August 2015

Marimekko binding

This is the binding for my Marimekko quilt. Today I finished the top, but now it'll have to wait a while - we are moving to a new house next week, so I will be busy packing and unpacking, not quilting sadly!

However, the new house is larger than the current one so the boys will each have their own room and I will still have my sewing room! It's also on a very quiet street near the Kedron Brook. We're all really happy about that - the street we live on now is very busy with lots of traffic noise.

I hope to be back soon but it may be a bit quiet here for a while...