Wednesday 29 May 2019


Here is my fifth amiguruME doll: my oldest son Hugo, the gymnast!

He's wearing his Queensland State Team uniform, in which he competed last year at the National Championships. Sadly he injured his knee there, so he hasn't been able to do gymnastics in the last 12 months (you can read the whole story here). He did start running at the end of last year though, and will run the half marathon with me in July!

Here I am with my boys:

Now it's my husband's turn to be made into an amigurumi doll!

Thursday 16 May 2019

Finally sewing again!

Today I started up my sewing machine for the first time since January 2018 (when I made the chair covers I showed here). Yes, it really has been more than 15 months!
I was happy to discover that I still knew how to thread the machine, and that it was still functioning well (I must admit it was a bit dusty).
So what did I sew?

Last month we spent a weekend in Warwick, and of course did the parkrun there. It happened to be my husband's 50th parkrun; a milestone that means you are eligible for a free, red '50' t-shirt. Here's mine - I did my 50th parkrun in February:

In Warwick they had milestone capes. My husband got to run in the red '50' cape, while someone else ran his 100th parkrun in a black cape (because the '100' t-shirt is black).

I thought that was a great idea, and asked at our home parkrun, Surfers Paradise, if they would like me to make some capes. They did, so I bought some fabric and today I made the '50' cape!

Very happy with how it turned out. And the fabrics for the other milestone capes (Junior 10; Volunteer 25; 100; 250) are washed and ironed, ready to be sewn!