Wednesday 26 June 2019

Dragon Scale Gloves

Another small project done. I love things that can be whipped up quickly and done while watching tv or listening to an audiobook or podcast.
On one of my crochet groups on Facebook, someone showed a pair of dragon scale gloves they had made. I liked the look of them and searched on Ravelry for a pattern. Found one by The Yarnivore UK here, grabbed a Caron Cotton Cake from my stash, and got going!

So here they are. I love how they look, but have found that they are not very practical - I can't do computer work wearing them, as they are too bulky. So they have been donated to my youngest son who likes them, and I will continue to wear the 'crazy, beautiful mittens' I knitted two years ago.

Monday 3 June 2019


Winter has arrived in Australia, and even here in South-East Queensland it can be a bit nippy at night and in the early morning, so I've made a beanie for my husband who doesn't have a lot of hair to keep his head warm ;-)

I used this pattern - it's extremely simple, just half double crochets going round and round until the beanie is big enough. The yarn (Lionbrand Heartland) was also used to make the Dalek gloves for my youngest son and the bone for Barney.

This is the start of another new project. I will show more soon!