Sunday 22 February 2009

Almost finished...

Only the binding left to do!

Friday 20 February 2009

The owl, continued

I did some more work on the owl yesterday. I'm quite happy about the background now and have to decide how to quilt it. Then I think it will be ready to bind. The owl needs a little work with a crayon.
Here's the backside of the quilt:

Thursday 19 February 2009


Yesterday Terri's Valentine ATC arrived here. It's gorgeous - thanks Terri!

And as everyone has received my Seasons ATCs for the ATWI20Q ATC swap, I can show them here now:

Thanks for the comments on the owl quilt. I haven't had time to get on with it, but hope to do something tonight. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday 17 February 2009

The owl, again

I have returned to the owl and am working on the background. What do you think of it so far?
I feel the owl itself needs some more work as well, especially the tail feathers and the head/back region.
I would like to add a flower to the background, to give the quilt some more colour, although that would make it rather tropical and this owl (Tengmalm's Owl or Boreal Owl) is supposed to live in temperate regions!
Would love to hear your comments.

PS I changed the name of the last posting - *ngelin* v*lentin* turned out to be a famous porn star and suddenly I got lots of unwanted visitors... :-P

Saturday 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

As I told you a while ago, Valentine's Day does not mean a lot to me, but when I saw Terri's gorgeous Valentine ATCs I sent her an email asking for a swap. When she agreed I made this ATC and sent it to her:

I also made this ATC, using a cute Dutch fabric that my best friend in the Netherlands sent me:

It is not spoken for yet, so if you would like to swap a Valentine ATC just let me know!

I signed up for the Flower Power class at Quilt University. I am going to make a small quilt (A4 size) using the photo of the Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) flower I showed here a while ago:

(and what about the Hawaiian quilt? Hmm, yes... It is still waiting for me to finish the hand applique, which I guess is not really my thing... I do intend to finish it though - maybe when I take my sewing machine for its yearly servicing one of these days!)

Tuesday 10 February 2009

A postcard and three ATCs

Last week I received this postcard from Jeanette in the Netherlands:

It is part of the Africa-themed swap at the Dutch Fibermail group that I recently joined. Thanks Jeanette, it's gorgeous!

And this week I got 3 ATCS, all from the Cyber Fyber International Random ATC Swap.
This one is from Cindy:

This one is from Virginia Spiegel:

And this one is from Cyber Fyber organizer Susan Lenz herself:

Thanks ladies, they are beautiful!

I have finished my Seasons ATCs and will show them here when they have arrived at their destinations. This week I hope to make the Seasons postcards, and maybe make a start on the ATWI20Q quilt.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Journal quilt February

It's finished!

The suggested theme for February was Love - I guess because of Valentine's Day, which does not mean much to me. But February happens to be the month in which my first child was born, and with him (and later with his brothers) came love in a way that I had never known before. (I remember going away on my own for a few hours for the first time after he was born, it must have been in March, because I saw lots of lambs in the fields... I got quite teary and wondered if those lambs' mothers felt the same way about their babies as I did about my Hugo...)

Some of the suggested techniques for this month were to use angelina and metal foil. I have used angelina in a quilt before (the jacaranda quilt) but not foil, so it was a good chance to try something new.

I used the photo that I think is still the most beautiful one of my 3 boys ever made. I took it when Robbie was about 6 weeks old.

And I satin stitched the edges following the advice that was given after I posted the pic of the January journal quilt. I think it does look better this time, so thanks!

Would love to hear your comments on this one!

Birthday boy

Yesterday was Hugo's 6th birthday. He loved the quilt (but of course the other presents - scooter, Lego, Ben 10 stuff - were a lot more exciting) and the boys' bedroom looks very nice with the big quilts on the beds:

I made another selvedge postcard:

I also made a few ATCs for the Seasons swap we are currently having with the ATWI20Q group. Can't show them here yet though. And making the journal quilt last week was so much fun that I have started on the February quilt already! The theme for this month is Love. I hope to be able to show it here this week.