Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Journal quilt February

It's finished!

The suggested theme for February was Love - I guess because of Valentine's Day, which does not mean much to me. But February happens to be the month in which my first child was born, and with him (and later with his brothers) came love in a way that I had never known before. (I remember going away on my own for a few hours for the first time after he was born, it must have been in March, because I saw lots of lambs in the fields... I got quite teary and wondered if those lambs' mothers felt the same way about their babies as I did about my Hugo...)

Some of the suggested techniques for this month were to use angelina and metal foil. I have used angelina in a quilt before (the jacaranda quilt) but not foil, so it was a good chance to try something new.

I used the photo that I think is still the most beautiful one of my 3 boys ever made. I took it when Robbie was about 6 weeks old.

And I satin stitched the edges following the advice that was given after I posted the pic of the January journal quilt. I think it does look better this time, so thanks!

Would love to hear your comments on this one!


Chris Daly said...

Linda, this is awesome. I love it! Hope it is cooling down.

Anonymous said...

Linda, your quilt shows REAL love...it moves my heartbeat. Congratulations on gorgeous thought and work.

Anonymous said...

beautiful expression of "love" Linda! You should be really happy with it!
cathy smith

The holidaying librarian said...

Hi Linda
That is really sweet! It's amazing how children change your life.

Jude said...

It's gorgeous..Did you print the photo, if so what fabric did you use?

Linda Stokes said...

beautiful way to express Feb theme of love.

Jantine said...

Wat een leuke foto heb je gebruikt. Had je deze niet op een tas?

Anonymous said...

Hoi Linda,

Ik heb een tijdje niet op je blog gekeken, maar ik ga mijn leven beteren. Wat een mooie dingen ben ik weer tegen gekomen. Prachtig dit quiltje met je 3 kindjes!

Inge uit Eindhoven