Monday, 25 April 2022

Mandala Pillow 4


Here is another Mandala Pillow - this one's a present for my middle son's girlfriend.

Again I used Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 8 ply - this time the colourway Blush, that I also used for the legs of Ringo the Flamingo.

Here's the pillow together with the first one I made:

And here are all four I have made so far:

I've already started the next one! That one will be for my youngest son.

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

T-shirt quilt top finished!

 Ever since my eldest son started gymnastics, back in 2009, I have saved all his club/team/squad/event t-shirts, knowing that one day I would make them into a t-shirt quilt. And that day has finally arrived!

After washing all the shirts (some of them had been in storage for more than 10 years!) I sorted them, and finally came up with 30 shirts that I wanted to use for the quilt. Here are the oldest (2009) and newest (2018) shirt from the collection:

I cut out the logos and ironed fusible interfacing to the fabric to make it easier to work with. Here is the initial lay-out of all the cut-outs:

Things got moved around a bit, as you can see in the first photo!

And now for the next stage, the quilting... That has never been my favourite part of the quilt making process, and still isn't. I haven't quite decided what to do yet - probably an all-over design. I am hoping to finish this quilt during the Easter long weekend.To be continued...

Thursday, 31 March 2022

I'm back!

It has been very quiet here on the blog, but I expect that is going to change very soon!

Our eldest son has moved out - he has gone to the Netherlands, where he will start at university in September. I miss him, but we keep in touch via Skype, Messenger, Instagram etc, and we will see him in December, when we will finally visit the Netherlands again.

In the meantime we have taken over the room that was his bedroom (our small bedroom is now a study) - and that means that I finally have room for my sewing machine again!

 I'm so excited, and I have plans for so many projects! The first one will probably be a new cover for the sewing machine, for this one is not looking very good after 16 months in the garage...

I also want to make a quilt! Yes, the first one since 2017! Stay tuned...

The reason why I haven't posted anything here in the last three months is that I've spent all my free time studying, instead of creating. I've started a Bachelor of Arts at Open Universities Australia, majoring in History and Art History. I'm so enjoying it! I've just finished an essay for my Australian Art course about Grace Cossington Smith, one of the early Australian Modernists. I had never heard of her, but now I adore her work! Her painting Trees (c. 1927), pictured above, is probably my favourite, but there are so many other painting and drawings that I love. Like this one, Things on an iron tray on the floor (c. 1928):

Or this drawing, part of her magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge series, Great white ship at Circular Quai (1931-1932):

 You can read more about her here - and a Google Image search will bring up dozens of beautiful artworks. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 21 December 2021



Macramé is something I have wanted to try  for a long time. Many months ago I bought this kit at Spotlight and last week I finally sat down and made the plant hanger.

I really enjoyed the process and was very proud of my hanger.


Sadly, a few hours after hanging it up on the deck, there was a loud crash... The knot at the top had slipped, the pot was broken and my poor fuchsia plant only barely survived...
Although I had done exactly what it said in the instructions, it obviously wasn't working. I bought a new pot (plastic this time instead of stoneware) and added some glue to the knot. So far it's still hanging!

I also bought supplies to make some more macramé projects, like a bag and another plant hanger. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Mandala Pillow 3

Here's the third Mandala Pillow - yes, I do really like this pattern! This one is a birthday present for my eldest son's girlfriend.

 I used yellow cotton 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills, my favourite yarn.

Here it is together with the first Mandala Pillow I made:

Monday, 15 November 2021

Peg basket


My peg basket fell apart and I decided that instead of buying a new plastic one, I would crochet a basket. I used the twine that I bought in 2018 to make a market bag. Very happy with the result - it's so satisfying to make things to use in daily life.

I've also made some more motifs for my Double Wedding Ring Blanket. One row is now done:

Saturday, 23 October 2021

New project

I've made a start on my queen-sized Double Wedding Ring Blanket! So far I've done four motifs. It's not going fast, because I have also just started studying for a history degree via Open Universities Australia!

 And... it's jacaranda time again! Isn't this a beauty?

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Small Double Wedding Ring Blanket

A few days ago I finished this small Double Wedding Ring Blanket - a fabulous pattern designed by Jennifer Olvarez.

I love the pattern that is created by these motifs, but wanted to see if I enjoyed crocheting them before I committed to a larger project.

And I did indeed enjoy it, so I have now ordered enough balls of red Cotton 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills to make a queen-sized blanket!

The other day I saw a post on Facebook about these leggings and I couldn't resist...


Friday, 3 September 2021

Ringo the Flamingo

Here's Ringo, the friendly flamingo! Made for my youngest son, who plays the drums and is a Beatle fan :-)

The pattern is from the book Crocheted Wild Animals by Vanessa Mooncie. In 2019 I made the owl from that book.

The yarn that I used is cotton 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills, plus a bit of variegated yarn from Spotlight for the feathers.

The best thing about finishing a project is that I get to do a photo shoot for the blog and the socials!

Now to decide what I shall crochet next... Any suggestions?

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Requiem for a Rainbow Cushion

 In 2013 I made what I still think is my best creation ever: the Giant Rainbow Floor Cushion!

It was a project for the first issue of Love Sewing Australia, a magazine that sadly no longer exists. I had been asked to make 'a floor cushion with piping'. Having never made anything with piping before, I was quite proud of how it turned out!

It found a place in the living room of the house in Brisbane that we lived in at the time.

My kids (then 10, nine and seven years old) loved it and often used it to read, play, or even sleep on.

When we moved to our next house in Brisbane it got a place in my eldest son's room:

In the year that we lived in Sydney, we didn't have much space. None of the kids wanted it in their (small) bedrooms, and it was a bit lost in the room that doubled as our bedroom and lounge.

But then we moved to the Gold Coast and adopted Barney, a rescue dog...

 And he immediately claimed the Rainbow Cushion! On hot summer days he would lie on the tiles with his head on the cushion:

Here is the boy of photo 3, a few years older!

After two years of daily use by Barney the cushion wasn't looking very good anymore, so I restuffed it:

The cushion moved with us to the house that we live in now, but recently I realised that it had really reached the end of its life.

The colours were faded, the fabric was torn in several places...

Time to let it go! I've bought a new 'orthopedic' cushion for our old dog and, after taking the two photos above, dumped the Rainbow Cushion in the garbage container.

Farewell Rainbow Cushion, we will never forget you! Maybe one day I will make a new one...

(and if you want to make one too, you can get the pattern in my Etsy shop!)