Wednesday 14 December 2022

Socks again

 The Rustling Reed Socks are finished! As mentioned in the previous blog posting, I didn't really enjoy knitting them, but I do like how they look. And the recipient, my youngest son, loves them too, so that's pleasing :-).

I have started knitting the second sock of the Florentine Lace Socks (see previous posting), but I had cataract surgery on my right eye in early November. Afterwards, I could see really well with that eye, but not yet with the other, so not a good time for lace knitting. Instead I made another pair of DK socks using the Sail Away pattern that I almost know by heart now:

These are for my BFF in the Netherlands, who I will see on Sunday, as we fly out there tomorrow!! She chose the yarn (Oceans, from Heathermaid of course), and I found free printable labels at Billy and Baa. I hope she will love them!

I'm currently knitting another DK pair for my middle son, whose first pair is now a chew toy for our dog, Shaggy...

He chose this yarn, called Turban Shell - I really like those colours! The first sock is finished, I will finish the second one in the Netherlands so he can wear them while we are there.

And I will bring this ball of yarn, so I can start another pair when they are finished! I don't know yet who they will be for, but I am sure I'll find someone ;-)

 (Last weekI had cataract surgery on the other eye and I now have perfect, 20/20 vision - but I will save the lace knitting for when we are back home)

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