Saturday 18 September 2021

Small Double Wedding Ring Blanket

A few days ago I finished this small Double Wedding Ring Blanket - a fabulous pattern designed by Jennifer Olvarez.

I love the pattern that is created by these motifs, but wanted to see if I enjoyed crocheting them before I committed to a larger project.

And I did indeed enjoy it, so I have now ordered enough balls of red Cotton 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills to make a queen-sized blanket!

The other day I saw a post on Facebook about these leggings and I couldn't resist...


Friday 3 September 2021

Ringo the Flamingo

Here's Ringo, the friendly flamingo! Made for my youngest son, who plays the drums and is a Beatle fan :-)

The pattern is from the book Crocheted Wild Animals by Vanessa Mooncie. In 2019 I made the owl from that book.

The yarn that I used is cotton 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills, plus a bit of variegated yarn from Spotlight for the feathers.

The best thing about finishing a project is that I get to do a photo shoot for the blog and the socials!

Now to decide what I shall crochet next... Any suggestions?