Saturday 2 July 2022

More socks


My Rainbow socks are finished! I brought them with me on our winter holiday to Tasmania and knitted at night in our cabin, sitting near the wood stove, very cosy :-).

 This is my fifth pair of socks, and the first with a so-called afterthought heel (as it is called in the pattern), although I have found out that is actually a peasants heel or a forethought heel, because some scrap yarn is knitted where the heel needs to be, and then removed when the sock is finished to knit the heel. While I am very happy with these socks, I did not really enjoy this process and don't think I will use this technique again.

In Hobart I found a yarn shop and of course I had to buy a small souvenir...

More sock yarn! ;-)

It will have to wait its turn, as first I need to finish these DK socks for my youngest son:

For these I am using the Fast Forward pattern from Kate Atherley again, and this time I am knitting them TAAT (two at a time). So far, so good... The yarn is again from HeatherMaid on Etsy.