Tuesday 28 August 2007

And yet another bag...

Here's Basket Style Bag nr. 3! They're addictive...

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I also finished the top of the railfence babyquilt and hope to get fabric for the backing and batting this weekend. And after I've finished this one I'll be done with flannel babyquilts for quite a while, I guess! I long to start on an 'adult' quilt. Luckily it happens to be my birthday next month and I hope to receive a lot of rosy fat quarters for a blended quilt! (actually I already have 5 soft envelopes here, but have managed not to open them yet!)

The colour workshop last weekend was cancelled, because the teacher was ill. Maybe I will do it next term.

The next projects for now are the Carpetbag, Bow Bag and (yet another!) Basket Style Bag. I should start selling them... ;-)

PS Look here for a surprise!

Saturday 18 August 2007

Back on track

Now that my teaching duties are over, I finally have time to get on with my quilts! I've started the railfence babyquilt and am also doing some delectable mountains-blocks for the Dutch quilters mailinglist that I belong to.

Next weekend I will attend a colour workshop at Quilt'n Stitch in Geebung. And in November I will go on my first quilt retreat, a weekend at Lake Moogerah! It will also be my first weekend away since Koen was born (15 September 2006). I'm really looking forward to it!

No pictures today - I hope to be able to show something again soon.
I've had a few compliments about the lilac bag from complete strangers; that was very nice! :-)

Sunday 5 August 2007

And another one...

I made another one... It's so easy! ;-)

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