Sunday 9 October 2022

Socks, socks, socks


As mentioned in the previous post, I started on the Florentine Lace Socks in August. This is not the sort of knitting you can do while watching tv, so I started another simple pair of DK socks as well, with the gorgeous Kookaburra yarn from Heathermaid:

This pair is for our eldest son, who is now studying in the Netherlands. When it was finished I got my middle son to model them (with a little help from Shaggy):

And then I sent them off to the Netherlands:

Three weeks later, they arrived and Hugo loves them! He sent me this photo. The weather had just turned cold, so they were very welcome :-)

In the meantime I had finished the first Florentine Lace sock:

It is beautiful, but this may be my first case of second sock syndrome... Instead of casting on the next one, I started on a pair of socks for my youngest son:

This pattern is the Rustling Reed Socks by Lisa Wicks. It looks very cool, but again I am not really enjoying knitting it! Maybe I should stick to basic socks... The yarn is Peacock from Stray Cat Socks in New Zealand, that I bought back in 2017!

When this sock is finished I may start on the second Florentine Lace sock, and alternate working on these two pairs. I have also ordered more DK sock yarn from Heathermaid, for some uncomplicated simple sock knitting!