Tuesday 23 January 2024

Back from Japan

 The photo above was taken in Japan, where I finished two pairs of socks (left and middle)! The third pair is almost done - the recipient (youngest son) was happy for me to take my time as he already has two pairs of handmade socks and won't need any yet, now that we are back in Queensland.

I went shopping at a craft store in Kyoto for some Japanese yarn. I couldn't find any sock yarn (what they had was German or American), so bought this:

I'm thinking of using it to make either gloves or a hat...

At the lovely BnB that we stayed in, they had beautiful tissue box covers - you can see one on the table in the photo above. I had a good look at them and when we got home, dug up some Japanese fabrics from my stash. 

Isn't it pretty? And very easy to make. I thought of writing a tutorial, but saw one on this lovely blog (that I discovered by accident when looking for some info about New Year's Eve rituals in Japan).

Japan was amazing - I'm working my way through the more than 2500 photos I took there, and am slowly adding some to the photo blog. Kinkaku-ji, or the Golden Pavilion, was one of my favourite spots, as was Saiho-ji, or the Moss Temple. Great memories :-)