Tuesday 24 August 2021

Requiem for a Rainbow Cushion

 In 2013 I made what I still think is my best creation ever: the Giant Rainbow Floor Cushion!

It was a project for the first issue of Love Sewing Australia, a magazine that sadly no longer exists. I had been asked to make 'a floor cushion with piping'. Having never made anything with piping before, I was quite proud of how it turned out!

It found a place in the living room of the house in Brisbane that we lived in at the time.

My kids (then 10, nine and seven years old) loved it and often used it to read, play, or even sleep on.

When we moved to our next house in Brisbane it got a place in my eldest son's room:

In the year that we lived in Sydney, we didn't have much space. None of the kids wanted it in their (small) bedrooms, and it was a bit lost in the room that doubled as our bedroom and lounge.

But then we moved to the Gold Coast and adopted Barney, a rescue dog...

 And he immediately claimed the Rainbow Cushion! On hot summer days he would lie on the tiles with his head on the cushion:

Here is the boy of photo 3, a few years older!

After two years of daily use by Barney the cushion wasn't looking very good anymore, so I restuffed it:

The cushion moved with us to the house that we live in now, but recently I realised that it had really reached the end of its life.

The colours were faded, the fabric was torn in several places...

Time to let it go! I've bought a new 'orthopedic' cushion for our old dog and, after taking the two photos above, dumped the Rainbow Cushion in the garbage container.

Farewell Rainbow Cushion, we will never forget you! Maybe one day I will make a new one...

(and if you want to make one too, you can get the pattern in my Etsy shop!)

Monday 16 August 2021

Another Bertie Baby Blanket

 Yesterday I finished this baby blanket, using up the blue yarn from the Sea Colours blanket.

It's another Bertie Baby blanket, similar to the one I made last year. I love this pattern, it's so easy to crochet and looks so good!

 This one is for a baby boy expected in October. A big part of it was done while watching the Olympics.

I'm trying to decide what to crochet next. Maybe it's time for some amigurumi?