Thursday, 10 June 2021

Sea Colours Blanket 2


 It's finished! The second Sea Colours Blanket (remember, I made another one back in 2017, when I had just learned to crochet). So happy with it.

And just in time for a seriously cold snap here in Queensland. So nice to snuggle up on the couch with this blankie.

It goes really well with the sea creatures I made earlier this year.

So what's next? Well... I really want to make another mandala. With this Whirl (Strawberries and Scream):

The Lotus and Blossom Mandala is hanging in our bedroom now, but its colours don't go well with the colours of our bed linen.

So I want to make another one (this one will go to my son's room, as he really likes it). I'm not sure yet if I will make a third Lotus and Blossom Mandala, or a different pattern. To be continued...

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