Friday 29 August 2008

Bookcover and art & craft display

With some leftover strips from the TATW quilt I made this bookcover, for a small sketchbook:

I free-motion quilted a flower on it, maybe I'll use a purple Paintstick on it as well (have to order one first though!).

And look at this!

At my workplace there are a lot of very creative people - quilters, painters, papercrafters etc. Very often someone brings something handmade that we all admire. So we thought it would be a good idea to have a 'show and tell' where everyone can bring his or her creative products. Carmel made this poster, using some pics from this blog - how flattering!

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Trip Around the World

I just had an email from my sister-in-law in Croatia, saying that the quilt for Saskia has arrived, and that she loves it and is sure it will become a treasured possession.
So here is a pic of the quilt.
Smile... it's nice to make quilts for others! :-)

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Baby blocks

My poor 1 year old, Robbie, has been quite ill these last 4 days and I am feeling a bit under the weather myself, but did manage to stitch this toy together, a present for the baby of friends in The Netherlands (he was born in January, so am rather late!):

Robbie got one of those from Rens for his 1st birthday and the boys all love it, so I hope it will be a succes in Holland as well. It was a bit more work than I had thought, but I think I am slowly starting to appreciate hand sewing! Good for thinking...

Thursday 14 August 2008

Postcards from Australia

Remember those fabric samples that I won a while ago? Well, I did use them to make some postcards, first for a swap at the Arts'nthemail group, then some more for friends overseas.
The theme of the swap was 'Maps', so I made these postcards:

Here are the cards I received:

And this is the second set I made:

I sent one of them to Corryna, who devoted a blog posting to it - thanks Corryna! Glad you like it!

I'm currently making some postcards and ATCs from the painted fabrics and also have some of these aboriginal fabrics left for postcards, so if you would like to swap, let me know!

Sunday 10 August 2008

More fun with paint

For the Quiltuniversity course I had a go at food printing (pear and kiwi) and painting with a string wrapped brayer:

I discovered yesterday that my local craftstore sells Setacolor and Dyn-a-flow paints, so I bought a few more colours... And some other gadgets (the dinosaur and lizard shapes) and did some more sunprinting and salting. I think I will use these pieces of fabric to make ATCs and postcards.

The last pic is actually of the piece of fabric that I used to wipe the plastic table cover after painting the other pieces... and to wipe the brushes on. I sprinkled some rock salt on it and put it in the sunlight as well and see what it turned out to be!

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Playing with paint

The babyquilt is finished and has started its trip around the world. I will show a pic here when it has arrived.

As I told you in the last posting, I signed up for a Quiltuniversity course; Playing with Paint, and that is what I did last weekend. With white cotton fabric and Setacolour transparent paints I tried out some techniques:

wet fabric, paint, salt and sunlight

wet fabric, paint, clingwrap and sunlight

and my favourite technique, sun printing:

I used a gel pen to outline the prints in these pieces. This is really great fun - am I lucky to be living in the Sunshine State! :-)

Friday 1 August 2008


Thanks for all your kind comments on my 'quiltiversary'! :-)
In the meantime I have almost finished the babyquilt for Saskia; I only have to hand-sew the binding to the back. I can't show a photo here yet of course, but trust me, it is lovely!
I also signed up for a new course at; for Playing with Paint with Lyric Kinard. I just received the paints I ordered for this and am now ready for some serious fun!

Nothing to show today, but a posting without photos is boring, so here are some pics!

(I stole this idea from Wietske - go here if you want to have some photo-fun(ia) as well!)