Wednesday 24 April 2019

New projects

Last week I whipped up this basket, made from a cheap and colourful ball of yarn that I found at the dollar shop. It was a good project to work on during a long car trip, to a house in rural Northern New South Wales, where we stayed with friends during the Easter weekend. I'm using the basket to keep all my chargers and cords (for mobile phone, iPad, camera, wireless headphones etc) in one place.

At the house, with no wifi or mobile phone reception, I finally started on another amiguruME doll. This is going to be my eldest son ;-)

It was a lovely long weekend, in the middle of nowhere. This was the view from the backyard:

A lot of chatting, eating and drinking, walking with the dogs, playing games and reading was done, and a little bit of running.

I've decided to start a new blog for my running adventures: Run, Read, Create.
Besides the running stuff, there will also be book reviews and the occasional crafty show and tell (which will also appear here). Do come and have a look!