Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Playing with paint

The babyquilt is finished and has started its trip around the world. I will show a pic here when it has arrived.

As I told you in the last posting, I signed up for a Quiltuniversity course; Playing with Paint, and that is what I did last weekend. With white cotton fabric and Setacolour transparent paints I tried out some techniques:

wet fabric, paint, salt and sunlight

wet fabric, paint, clingwrap and sunlight

and my favourite technique, sun printing:

I used a gel pen to outline the prints in these pieces. This is really great fun - am I lucky to be living in the Sunshine State! :-)

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Corryna said...

Die eerste en tweede vind ik echt heel mooi. Leg hier maar in de kast :-). Weet je al wat je er van gaat maken?