Tuesday 31 January 2023

The first socks of 2023


The first pair of socks of 2023 is finished! These DK rainbow socks are for my middle son's girlfriend. She won't need them for quite a while, as it is still summer and very hot here in Queensland, but hopefully in a few months they will be useful.

 In 2022 I made ten pairs of socks! (plus one single Florentine Lace sock) Three pairs were for myself, the others for my loved ones (husband, BFF and my three sons). I also made one Mandala Pillow and of course the t-shirt quilt for Hugo. Here's another collage:

Plans for 2023: finish those Florentine Lace Socks! And after that... who knows? I may continue to knit socks, or start to crochet again. I don't think I will make another quilt. I quite enjoy those small, portable projects.

To be continued...

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