Saturday, 19 May 2018

Dominic the Dopey Dragon

It's been almost a year now since my mother-in-law taught me to crochet and set me off on this exciting journey. In those 10 months I have made quite a few different items (a blanket, some bags, a t-shirt, a shrug and a shawl, to name but a few) but until recently I wasn't tempted to try any amigurumi. That changed when I saw a picture of Sharon Ojala's dragons - I had to make one of them!

My dragon-loving son (for of course the finished product would be for him) chose the Sleepy Dragon. I found some red and white Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 8 ply in my stash and set to work.

I had been working on the lacy shawl I showed in the previous posting and found it quite difficult to adjust to crocheting tightly as is necessary for amigurumi. I remade the body of the dragon with a smaller hook because it was so 'holey'. It still is, as you can see, but luckily my son doesn't mind at all, he loves Dominic!

And so do I - I'm very proud of my first ami! Maybe I should have picked an easier project - but I like a challenge and I really enjoyed making this dragon. The pattern is absolutely brilliant, very clear with lots of videos to help you along. And it's free!

I will be making more amis for sure - I've promised to make a whale for my youngest son, and I also want to make a dog (and try to make it look like Barney). To be continued...

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