Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The owl, again

I have returned to the owl and am working on the background. What do you think of it so far?
I feel the owl itself needs some more work as well, especially the tail feathers and the head/back region.
I would like to add a flower to the background, to give the quilt some more colour, although that would make it rather tropical and this owl (Tengmalm's Owl or Boreal Owl) is supposed to live in temperate regions!
Would love to hear your comments.

PS I changed the name of the last posting - *ngelin* v*lentin* turned out to be a famous porn star and suddenly I got lots of unwanted visitors... :-P


Lynn Cohen said...

Linda, I love this owl. He can come and visit my owl in my Tree Quilt! They can be good friends.
Mine is a ground burrowing owl but I put him in my tree anyway!
So I wouldn't get hung up over the flower for color touch.
You used paint here right? His eyes are wonderful!

Margeeth said...

Woehahahaha, a famous porn star, you would never have guessed that!
I like the colors of your owl as they are now, I don't know whether adding a flower would make it look better. Then again, it might, so this is not very helpfull I guess.

Marie-Thérèse said...

Hi Linda, I very much like this owl. Nice colors, bur I agree, that a flower in the background could add some depth. You could quilt flowers in de background and use another color yarn than green.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, je uil wordt erg mooi. Let op als je een kleurige bloem erbij zet, dat die dan de neiging kan hebben teveel op de voorgrond te komen. Ben benieuwd hoe je verder gaat!