Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A rose is a rose...

I showed you my four lino prints here - they were all just over 12" square, so I had to choose one of them to make into a quilt. I decided on this one; white paint on black fabric. I only quilted the lines (using free motion stitching and zigzagging) to make the petals 'bloom'. I finished the quilt with a facing technique.

I liked the effect of the four photos in that posting about the lino prints so much that I decided to make four quilts and integrate them into one large quilt. So far I have finished the second one:

When I have acquired thread in the right colour I will make the other two as well. I don't know yet how I will join them but I will let you know when I have done it!

PS With a medical background, I did think of using pics of intestinal, oral or vaginal flora for this quilt, but decided I'd much rather work with flowers! ;-)

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A3jana said...

oh how beautiful they are!! I like the grey one the most.
thanks for showing us!

nadia said...

Linda, prachtige werkstukken zijn er al voortgekomen uit je linoprints! Ik denk overigens dat er ook iets heel moois voort kan komen uit medische "bloemetjes"....Fijne dag, Nadia

Unknown said...

Loved this as a linoprint, love it more as quilts! The red is my fav. Have you escape hatched them? If they have nice finished sides and back you could put them together sooooo many ways. Maybe big stitches leaving a gap in the middle of a few mm? Not sure how you'd hang it so the gap stayed open though.