Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Postcard and a sneak peek

In the last few days I have worked very hard on something that is now on its way to the Netherlands... I will show some pics when it has arrived! In the meantime I can show you this beautiful postcard that I got from Nadia - she made it using a technique that she learned in a workshop with Cherilyn Martin.

And here is a sneak peek of my Ernst quilt - this is a part of the backside. I'm so happy with how this little quilt turned out, I wish I could show it to you!

Now I'm off to my sewing room to start on a new project - the Flora quilt for Art Quilts Around the World, or...?


Unknown said...

I really like your Ernst "bits" You really seem have "caught" him! Have you enjoyed Dijannes class? I loved it!

How did you friend make that postcard? It's awesome!


Lynn Cohen said...

Yes, it's hard to tell if the postcard is fabric or paint or both.

Your little boy quilt is precious.
such a look he has and the mouth, perfect. And this is the back!?

PAMELA said...

Ernst is delightful - I really like the simplicity of your lines - thick and thin, short and long, different angles. Good luck with your New Quilt entry. I will look out for it at the exhibition opening.

prashant said...
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