Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Yesterday when I was surfing the internet (there's about 200 blogs that I follow using Bloglines) I stumbled upon this site where you can find some brilliant Text Art.
Following up some of the links I discovered the calligram: a poem, phrase, or word in which the typeface, calligraphy or handwriting is arranged in a way that creates a visual image (source: Wikipedia)

I couldn't resist having a go at making a calligram (love that word!), so here is my first one: the gecko!
Making it was so much fun that today I made three more:

(click on a picture to enlarge it)

I see lots of possibilities here: having one of these (or another one) made into a thermofax screen, or use Spoonflower to print some calligram fabric... What about using selvedges!!!

Oh, I love the internet. Here is a blog dedicated to calligrams.

PS Stay tuned for the unveiling of the Flora quilts tomorrow at Art Quilts Around the World!


Delia (Del) said...

Hi Linda
What a different idea.
Yours do look great especially the Geckol

Unknown said...

They look as though they are as much fun as zentangles!


Corryna said...

Wat een leuke site zeg! Dank je wel voor de tip.