Friday, 13 July 2018


I enjoyed my first amigurumi project so much that I was keen to try some more. Here are a few things I've made in the last week - the ice cream keyring was a birthday present for my son's girlfriend (free pattern here). The bone (free pattern here) is for Barney, of course:

At first he wasn't very interested...

But after a day or two he started playing with it!

I also made a little doggie - it's supposed to look like Barney:

I bought the pattern (Simply Cute Dachshund) on Ravelry. The brown 'dog eyes' seemed like a good idea when I found them in the craft store, but I now wish I'd used round black eyes...

I'm not as happy with this project as I am with Dominic the Dopey Dragon, but the boys like it and tell me they think it does look like Barney!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Lone Star Blanket

Remember the Lone Star Blanket I was working on? In between other projects I have been crocheting diamonds and sewing them together.

This is what the blanket looks like now - there's 190 diamonds in there!

Only 80 or so more to go... Plus a few dozen half-diamonds:

That should keep me busy for the next few months!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Market bag from baling twine

Another finished project! A market bag made with polyester baling twine from the local hardware store.

Based on the Easy One Skein Market Bag pattern by Zeens and Roger that I also used for my very first crocheted project last year. This time I crocheted fewer rounds so it wouldn't get too big, and made two handles instead of one.

Crocheting with the twine was hard work and the twine is very splitty. But I'm pleased with the result!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Pindara scarf

As I mentioned in my last post, I had lots of crochet time coming up this week as my eldest son had his knee surgery on Wednesday. I decided to bring a simple project: the Windowpane Scarf by Adrienne Lash, a free Ravelry pattern.

I used Drops Delight Rainbow yarn (4 ply) that I bought on Etsy last year, thinking I would knit socks with it.

He had to stay in hospital one night, so I had lots of time to crochet. By the time he was released I had used up one ball of yarn.

I used another ball to finish the scarf at home yesterday. Sitting in the sun on our deck, listening to an audiobook, and crocheting all the stress of the last few weeks away. Heaven!

Hugo meanwhile is recovering well and will start his rehabilitation program next week.

The details:
Pindara Scarf (named after the hospital)
Pattern: Windowpane Scarf by Adrienne Lash
Yarn: Drops Delight Rainbow 4 ply
Hook: 4mm

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Ottoman cover

In 2014 I bought two ottomans at the op shop in Brisbane and used cow fabric to upholster them. Four years later they are still very popular in our household, but looking very grubby, so I decided to crochet some new covers.

I bought four balls of super bulky Bernat Blanket, which worked up very quickly. A large part of the cover was crocheted in hospital - eight days after his brother tore his ACL, my middle son fell off his bike and broke his wrist... (again - same spot as in December 2014). He needed surgery and had to stay a night, so lots of time to crochet :-(

Today I sewed the cover together and noticed that my scissors match the yarn very well!

Here is the ottoman in use. I don't have enough yarn left to make a cover for the second ottoman, so will have to go shopping first :-)

My oldest son has his knee surgery on Wednesday, so lots of crochet time coming up this week as well. I do hope our bad luck streak has run out now!

Thursday, 31 May 2018


Last week youngest son and I travelled to Melbourne to watch his eldest brother compete in the Australian Gymnastics Championships. Unfortunately Hugo injured his knee on the fourth apparatus during the first competition and was pulled out. His team won gold on the day and thankfully he could join them on the podium, crutches and all!

He had an MRI the next day which showed that his ACL was torn. Bad news, as this means he will need surgical reconstruction followed by 9-12 months of recovery. He's taken it in his stride however, and has signed up for a judging course, so he can still go with his clubmates to the State Club Championships at the end of June, and judge instead of compete. He also hopes to do some coaching this year. The brilliant photo below was taken by one of the photographers of WinkiPop Media minutes before his injury, high-fiving his coach after a succesfull rings routine:

Hugo's injury understandably put a damper on our stay in Melbourne, but Robert and I did get to do some sightseeing and met our Dutch friends for dinner, which was lovely. It was Robert's first time in Melbourne and he loved seeing the autum colours - something we don't have here in Queensland! (more Melbourne pics on my photo blog here)

I took him to Hosier Lane to see the street art, but he wasn't very impressed - he called it Stinky Street!

We did like this painting (more street art photos on the photo blog here):

Here is another kind of street art - an art deco mosaic constructed in 1933 by Napier Waller on the facade of Newspaper House in Collins Street (more art deco photos on the photo blog here, and some art nouveau photos here):

We really liked the cubes in Flinders Street:

There was even a crocheted one!

I had brought a ball of yarn and a hook but didn't do any crocheting. We did visit my favourite shop in Melbourne, Morris and Sons:

I bought some yarn as a souvenir ;-)

Love the warning on the label!!

All in all we did have a good time, but were happy to go home on Sunday (Hugo flew home on the same day with the Queensland team). Robert hopes to go back to Melbourne in December for the ballroom dancing championships!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Quick slippers

Yesterday I whipped this pretty pair of slippers - the nights are getting cold here in sunny Queensland, so they were put on the moment they were finished!

They are called Sunday Ballet Slippers, designed by Ashlea Konecny from HeartHookHome - the pattern can be found here. They are very easy to make and work up quickly - a great pattern for beginners.

Tomorrow my youngest son and I fly to Melbourne to watch his oldest brother compete at the Australian Gymnastics Championships. And to do some sightseeing in Melbourne of course! We all fly back on Sunday. To be continued...

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


My Falbala shawl is finished!

Very happy with it - it goes so well with my purple glasses! ;-)

Just love this pattern - very art deco-ish!

The details:
Purple Falbala Shawl
Pattern: Falbala by Eclat Du Soleil (I left out the borders)
Yarn: Drops Cotton Viscose
Hook: 3.5 mm

Monday, 21 May 2018


Pottery is something I have wanted to try for a long time, so when I discovered the Gold Coast Potters Association here in Benowa, I immediately signed up for one of their classes. I've had four lessons now and today I could take my first finished projects home.
I made the leaf in the photo above with a mould made from a Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise) leaf that was provided by one of the teachers. Two different glazes were used to colour it. It's 48cm long and 14cm wide (approx.19 x 5.5 inch). I love it!

An old lace doily was used to create the pattern on this tray. The teacher suggested I use this colouring. Doesn't it look great? This one measures 35 x 25cm (approx. 14 x 10 inch).

I have another five lessons to go - I hope I can make a yarn bowl!