Tuesday, 26 April 2016


The new project is coming along very nicely - I am now at the quilting stage. Quilting used to be my least favourite part of the quiltmaking process, but these days, in combination with an audiobook, I am actually quite enjoying it! Here is a sneak peek of the quilt:

To be continued...

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

State Champion on Pommel Horse!

No sewing or quilting updates today, just the very happy news that my eldest son competed at the Queensland State Championships over the weekend and became the State Champion in his age level (8 Under 14) on his best apparatus, pommel horse. He won bronze on floor, rings, parallel bars and high bar, and came third overall. Here he is at the end of the second day of competitions, tired but very happy!

He will represent Queensland again at the National Championships in Melbourne in May. I have already booked my flights and a B&B, and am looking forward to another trip to Melbourne, my favourite city in Australia!

I showed his pommel routine from the Regional Championships two weeks ago, so here is a video of his rings routine. His score was 9.3, the second best score in his level on this apparatus. Unfortunately his routine on the second day did not go so well, so he just missed out on the silver medal on rings. But look at that dismount!

Very proud mum here :-)

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New project

After quite a few small projects (the cushions, table topper, Christmas project and mini quilt) I am finally working on a quilt again, using this delicious 'rainbow roll up' (5'' strips in 18 colours) from Polka Dot Tea Fabrics.

The quilt consists of lots of half-square triangles and a few neutral squares. After changing the layout a few times I have just started to sew the squares together. My Zebra quilt is keeping an eye on things:

To be continued!

PS Hugo loved his Big Gymnastics Cushion. Here are the three Big Cushions - I guess they sum up my boys quite accurately! ;-)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Big Gymnastics Cushion, inspired by Mondrian

After the Big Doctor Who Cushion for my youngest son and the Big Dragon Cushion for my middle son, of course I had to make a Big Cushion (26'' / 66cm square) for my eldest son as well. He wanted a gymnastics cushion, so I used fabrics from my Gymnasts Collection on Spoonflower, in a Mondrian-inspired layout. I pieced and quilted it (simply in the ditch) with black Aurifil thread.

Hugo himself hasn't seen the finished cushion yet, because he is still at... gymnastics training (where else!). But it's waiting for him in his room, on the couch with the Aussie Quilt I made for his 6th birthday, under the Fly Away wallhanging I made in 2014.

Competition season has just started for Hugo (13) - on Saturday he had his first competition, the Senior Regional Championships, in his new Level, 8 Under 14. He did very well: passed his Level Test, won a gold medal (on pommel horse, his best apparatus), two silver and three bronze, and came third overall. The Senior State Championships are on April 15-16th, but he has already secured a place on the Queensland State Team that will compete at the National Championships in Melbourne in May. So proud of my boy, who has worked very hard to get here!

He is holding his Level 8 badge, which I have sewn onto his gymnastics bag, made from the same fabrics as the cushion:

Here is his golden pommel routine:

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter and Christmas

Happy Easter! I hope you are having a lovely long weekend. I am - this morning we had a traditional egg hunt which was great fun. Yesterday we dyed free-range eggs using natural dyes. The red and brown onion skins worked very well, the turmeric and coffee not so much, but we still have a lovely batch of eggs in autumn colours. Which is quite fitting, since it is autum here in the Southern Hemisphere of course. Today was a rainy day, so I stayed indoors and did some quilting.

I thought I was early last year when I made a Christmas project in May, but this year it's March! Can't show it yet, but I can show you the fabrics I am using, from the Sparkle collection designed by Amanda Murphy. So pretty!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Big Dragon Cushion

When my middle son Ernst saw the big Doctor Who Cushion I made for his brother, he asked if I could make one for him as well - with dragon fabrics (he is a dragon lover - you may remember the dragon quilt I made that he designed). Of course I was happy to oblige. I bought some oriental-looking dragon fabrics at the Stitches and Craft Show last week and got to work.

As the dragons were all different sizes, I decided to cut them out and appliqué them to a quilted black background fabric:

As always, I used Aurifil threads for piecing and quilting.

For the back of the cushion cover I used our two favourite fabrics:

I finished the cushion last night and gave it to Ernst. He loved it and didn't let go of it for the rest of the evening! So nice when your work is appreciated :-).

Here's some of Ernst's work - at his art class the other day he had to draw hot air balloons. Of course he designed a dragon balloon!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kombi Van calligram and fabric collection

May I present... my Kombi Van Kalligram!

I can hardly believe it, but it's been more than three years since I made my last calligrams (in February 2013, the seahorse, platypus, mouse and crocodile). I still get lots of visitors to this blog who are searching for 'calligram', so I hope you all like this one!

As long-time readers of this blog know, I love Kombi Vans (VW buses / campervans) and I can't believe I didn't think of making a Kombi Van Kalligram before! I uploaded the design to Spoonflower and had it printed in eight different colourways. The fabric sampler arrived today:

Apart from the Kalligrams I also added some hand-drawn Kombi Vans to my collection. I really like this one:

And this one:

Well, I like them all really!

I have made the whole Kombi Van collection available for sale as fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. Now to make some fun stuff with the fabric!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show

The Stiches and Craft Show is on here in Brisbane this week. I went yesterday and had a lovely day. The highlight for me was seeing a matter of time - it's a fabulous collection of quilts and I am thrilled to be part of it!

My Poinciana Seed Pod was at the show as well, as part of the SAQA 25th Anniversary Trunk Show.

I spend most of my time at the show at this table, minding the SAQA exhibition Food for Thought and talking to visitors about SAQA. It's a great exhibition and if you get the chance to see it I would definitely recommend doing so. It will also be on show at the AQC in Melbourne in April. (If you can't make it, you can click on the link to see all the quilts online.)

I did have time for a little bit of shopping and bought these fabrics for my middle son who loves dragons - he wanted a big cushion like I made for his brother, but with a dragon theme. I'm planning to make this in the coming week .

When I came home, the local newspaper had just been delivered - and I was in it! I was interviewed last week as a local contributor to the a matter of time exhibition. Such a flattering headline!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Pattern for Upcycled Felted Trivet now on Craftsy and Etsy

Remember this trivet that I made with felted woollen sweaters in 2013? If you would like to make one yourself but are not sure how, I have written up the instructions and added the pattern to my Craftsy pattern store. There are nine patterns up now, and I am planning to add more in the coming weeks. I am adding the patterns to my Etsy shop as well for those who prefer shopping on Etsy.

Now that autumn has started here in Australia and it is slowly getting a bit cooler, I look forward to working with felted wool again. A visit to the op shop (thrift shop) might be in order, as they are sure to have sweaters again!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Chevron Starburst

I just realised that I haven't shown this wall hanging here yet. I made it a while ago, wanting to see how the chevron fabric would look in the Starburst pattern ( a variant of the Lone Star).

It does give the quilt a sense of movement, especially when seen from an angle:

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lone Star table topper made with Dutch chintzes

In November 2010 I bought some Den Haan en Wagenmakers fabrics (Dutch chintzes) when I was in Groningen, the Netherlands. These Dutch Heritage fabrics are inspired by 17th and 18th century Indian designs:

I have been suffering a bit from homesickness lately, so decided to use these fabrics for my next Lone Star project: a table topper.

The binding was a bit tricky - I should have cut the strips on the bias, but there wasn't enough of the blue fabric left to do that.

So it's not perfect - but I love it!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Lone Star Mini Quilt

My love affair with Lone Star quilts is not over yet - after making the red and white Lone Star and Starimekko last year, I decided to try a Lone Star Mini Quilt. I used strips that were 1 inch wide (!) to strip-piece the eight points of the star. The finished quilt measures 8 inch / 20cm square. To give you a sense of scale I have made a photo of the quilt with my fabric scissors:

The quilt is made up of fabric scraps (the binding fabric and the black and white fabric are leftovers from the Rainbow Floor Cushion) and I used Aurifil threads for piecing and quilting. It's hanging in my sewing room now and I love looking at it!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Doctor Who Cushion

I made this Doctor Who Cushion for my youngest son, who is a big fan of the Time Lord (last year I made him a bow tie with Tardis fabric). He loves it and I'm quite pleased with it as well.

Speaking of cushions, I was thrilled to discover that my Giant Rainbow Floor Cushion is currently no. 14 in Craftsy's Top 20 Quilting Patterns!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

My Calendar

Today I received an email telling me that this quilt, My Calendar, has been juried into the travelling textile art exhibition a matter of time. I am overjoyed!!!

When the call for entries for this exhibition came out I immediately thought of making a Tardis quilt. My boys would love it! But there would be copyright issues, so I dropped that idea. I thought about hourglasses and sundials, but I wanted to make an abstract quilt rather than a pictorial one. And then the idea of a calendar struck me - my personal calendar, with important dates marked on it. Here is a drawing I made back in August:

I made one block (February - the 2nd is my eldest son's birthday) in September (I showed it here) but the size wasn't right, so I made another one.

And then other projects demanded my attention and the blocks were put away. The deadline, January 15th, came nearer and nearer, as did the summer holidays, and I decided not to enter this exhibition as I would never be able to finish the quilt in time.

On Boxing Day we went on a camping holiday, and we came home on the 3rd of January. In the week that followed I saw friends on Facebook mentioning that they were working hard to finish their entry in time, and suddenly I remembered my design... I dug up the blocks, found that I really liked the idea of this quilt, and decided to finish it after all!

Of course it was (and is) still school holidays, so I couldn't just sew all day, but in the end the quilt was finished at 3pm on January 15th. A frantic photography session followed - it was nicely overcast but very windy, so I had to use BlueTack on the fence to keep the quilt from blowing up!

But I got it done, and I put it up on the wall over our dining table. The boys love finding their own birthdays on it.

And now it's selected! I am so happy. Here is my artist's statement:

Certain dates – April 2nd, July 29th, December 12th, to name but a few - are engraved in my mind. The birthdays of loved ones, our wedding day, the days our children were born… But also the days on which people very dear to me died. In every year that passes these dates are highlighted in the calendar in my mind, as red days or black days. This is my calendar.