Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Results of the bird poll

(source: Wikipedia)

Peacock 48 votes
Penguin 27 votes
Flamingo 22 votes
Eagle 20 votes
Other 15 votes
Stork 9 votes

In comments and emails the following birds were suggested:
lorikeet (4x)
rosella (2x)
cockatoo (2x)
magpie (2x)
blue wren (2x)
king parrot
bell bird

house sparrow
great tit

Thanks to everyone to took the time to vote, leave a comment or send an email!
The peacock is the obvious winner, but among the suggestions are some interesting choices. I want to portray a bird that I have actually seen IRL myself (which eliminates the brolga, bell bird and malleefowl) and that I have a special feeling for (which eliminates the house sparrow, I'm afraid).

The pelican is a bird I had been thinking about, I had almost included it in the poll. And the blue wren is definitely an option (it would have to be the superb fairy-wren though, not the splendid fairy-wren that I think is more beautiful but does not live in this part of Australia- and that I have never seen IRL). A quilt featuring several different birds is something I have considered, but I think I will stick to the 'single bird portraits' for now.

So... I'll probably start on a peacock quilt, but I haven't made up my mind yet, it may be another bird after all!

Yesterday I almost finished the journal quilt for March, but I ran out of black thread... I hope to buy some today and finish the quilt this evening. To be continued!

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