Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Brave New World, according to Linda

This was the first idea I had for a Brave New World quilt and I have decided to run with it - here is our world, nicely wrapped up as a present for our children and grandchildren. But we will only be able to pass it on if we take care of it, and that is where the recycling bit comes in - very appropriate!

In our family, we try very hard to reduce our carbon footprint and care for the environment - leave the car at home as much as possible, walk to school or ride a bike, take the train to work, refuse plastic bags, reuse rain water, feed food scraps to our worm farm etc etc etc - and to teach our children to do the same. They are very familiar with the mantra reduce reuse recycle! (thanks should go to Bob the Builder here as well)

The background of the quilt is an old cradle sheet, tea-dyed. The globe is part of an old pair of jeans, the green and white bits are from my scrap basket. The ribbon comes from a box of chocolates I got for my birthday last year. The binding is actually a leftover bit of another quilt's binding! The backing is from the scrap basket as well.

I really enjoyed this challenge and have decided to keep using recycled materials in my quilts as much as possible.

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petra said...

ha linda
de selvedge-quilt past volledig in dit concept! ik gooi normaal gesproken de selvedge weg.
doei petra