Friday, 13 March 2009


I want to start on another bird quilt, but I can't decide which bird to portray this time... Please help me by answering the poll in the sidebar!


Anonymous said...

I voted "other". I'd love to see your interpretation of an Australian pelican!

Sandra said...

Wat dacht je van een 'hollands' vogeltje...een musje of koolmeesje?
En anders is een zwaan een idee??

Auntie Jappa said...

To celebrate 2 years in Oz perhaps you could do something Aussie and nesting...
Mallee Fowl make wonderful big mounds of sand and vegetation - and the bloke is the one who takes care of the eggs whilst they are incubating.


Anonymous said...

I think a Lorikeet would make a beautiful quilt - lush greens, bright blues and reds, sitting in a bottle brush.

Anonymous said...

I suggested Eagle but the eastern Rosella would be another lovely choice or a robin redbreast My favorite as a child.

As for people not answering. I have a giveway of a bag I will make if I get 60 replies to celebrate 60 the moment I will not need to make a bag. So come and answer my questions and enter.......please.

Jennifer said...

How about making a bright Australian parrot? Galahs are grey and pink, lorrikeets are many colours, rosellas and king parrots are beautiful too.

Lindi said...

I would go for the lorrikeet next. Or perhaps a Sea Eagle.

Anonymous said...

I voted for the penguin as you have done a puffin which is from the high northerly latitudes and it should be balanced by a bird from the southernmost latitudes.
Your birds are so beautiful that I would also love to see you make a Gang Gang Cockatoo with its glossy black body and bright red head. they ate the pinecones in the trees near our old house and the pine trees looked as if they were covered in red apples when the Gang Gangs came.

Nicole & Phil said...

While you are in Oz, perhaps you should try some native birds to remind you of your time in QLD.
Perhaps a cockatoo, lorikeet, emu, or something you find in your garden often (not indian minors though! lol)
I am surprised Bellbird (above my comment, did not recommend a bell bird! lol
here is a site that might help you!
Good luck!

aykayem said...

I voted for Eagle - because we have Wedge Tailed Eagles in Australia and one of those would look good in a quilt ... but I also agree with Brenda's idea of doing a pelican - lol
... or you could do a Magpie?
Maybe you could do a quilt with a whole variety of Australian birds on it? ... or one with a whole lot of the birds you had back "home"? - that would be an interesting talking point for visitors who came and saw it hanging up in the hall/wherever - lol