Thursday, 19 March 2009

Postcards, ATCs and haiku

I have started a selvedge quilt (will show pics soon) and have asked the ladies on the Dutch quiltersmailing list for selvedge strips. As a thank you I will send them a FQ or a fabric postcard, and so I have been making some postcards. The one at the top was made with a stencil bought at a hardware shop.

This one is made from a piece of fabric that I did last year for the Playing with Paint class at Quilt University.

It inspired me to free-motion quilt a pear on another card, which I then coloured in with a gold Paintstick. It turned into this ATC:

And as it happens I have just signed up for another ATC swap... The theme of the swap is Haiku; the idea is to make an ATC relating to a haiku. I have looked up lots of haiku on the internet and found them to be very inspiring. But here the ATC was first, so I googled 'pear haiku'... and found (among others) this one:

pear season they say
does not begin til august
but how could i wait

(Pinch My Salt)

I foresee a lot of ATCs, postcards and perhaps even some quilts inspired by haiku!
And I confess... I have written my very first haiku yesterday! I wrote it in Dutch, which is my first language after all, and in Dutch is has the 5-7-5 rhythm. In English it hasn't, but that does not seem to be a problem. Anyway, here it is:

veel te warm om te slapen
overal muggen

summer nights
too hot to sleep
mozzies everywhere


PS If you have selvedges you'd like to donate, I'd be most grateful and happy to send you a FQ or a fiber postcard too. Send me an email (see my profile) and I'll let you know my address. Thanks!

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Karoda said...

you can't go wrong with poetry and quilts.

i was showing a friend your card today and couldn't recall if i had told you it arrived! i hope i did, but it wouldn't surprise me if i've slacked...