Thursday, 12 March 2009

More postcards, more ATCs

Although I promise myself not to (to have more time for larger projects), I keep signing up for postcard and ATC swaps. It's just so much fun to make and receive these little beauties!

This is the card I received in the Geluk swap at the Dutch Fibermail list. It was made by Marion.

And I just made this one for the next Fibermail swap; the theme is Escher. I really enjoyed making this card:

These are the cards I made for the ATWI20Q Seasons swap:

And these are the ones I received, from Chris, Jane, Celia and Chloe:

This is how I display the cards I get, on the bookcase in my sewing room (oops, in our study / guest room / sewing room). The photo was taken a while ago, there are other cards on display now.

On to ATCs! I just made this set, from some sunprinted fabric I made last year. One of them is to trade with Nikki Wheeler, but the others aren't spoken for yet, so if you would like to swap, just let me know.

This beauty was made by Karen Davis, aka Karoda:

And here is the one I made for her:

And finally, these are the ATWI20Q Seasons ATCs, from Chris Daly, Simone, Marian and Lynn. (I showed my Seasons ATCs here)

Thanks to everyone for sending me these little works of art!

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Margeeth said...

Hi Linda,

If there is a green one left, I would love to swap an ATC with you.