Sunday, 31 July 2016

Knitting with t-shirt yarn

My knitting mania is still not over! While browsing knitting websites and blogs I came upon this pattern (in Dutch) for a cushion made with t-shirt yarn (also known as tarn). I realised I still have a basket full of t-shirt yarn after my braided rug project in 2013 (still not finished...) and began knitting with white tarn. When the first ball was knitted up, I dug through hubby's white shirts and cut up two old shirts. When those were gone I went to my local op shop (thrift shop) and found another one. Now that one is all used up as well, and I'm still only halfway!

I visited another three op shops, but none of them had any white shirts without side seams. It's winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, so op shops don't have many t-shirts on sale at the moment...
So I've put this project on hold for now and picked up my Josephine shawl in rainbow colours again:

What I love about knitting is that it's so portable - I can take it with me when my middle son has his acting class, and knit in the car while waiting for him. And at night I can knit and watch tv, or listen to an audiobook. Perfect!

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Robbie said...

Yep...having a knitting project is always perfect for those times that there isn't any hand work to do done on an art quilt or two! Love the t-shirt (tarn?) yarn! I'll have to check that out!!! Thanks for sharing!!!