Sunday, 3 July 2016

Winter holidays

We had a lovely mini-holiday in Caloundra (some photos can be found on my photo blog). The boys did well in their gymnastics competitions and we enjoyed visiting the beach and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The majestic view over the Glass House Mountains is from the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve near Maleny. The kookaburra in the photo above was also enjoying that view ;-)

Once we got back home I dug up my knitting needles and yarn, and taught my boys to knit. This brought back happy memories of my beloved grandmother who taught me many years ago. My two eldest boys got the hang of it quite quickly:

But after the initial novelty wore off they weren't that interested anymore... I found that I did want to knit something though, and a visit to Spotlight resulted in a thick pair of bamboo needles and some gorgeous chunky yarn in sea colours:

A perfect project for the cold nights, while watching Wimbledon! It's going to be a scarf - just simple stockinette knitting, nothing that needs too much attention. I have been drooling over some cute ceramic yarn bowls on Etsy (or how about this hand turned walnut and maple one!) but until I win the lottery one of my t-shirt yarn bowls with a large safety pin works quite well too.

I couldn't resist this rainbow yarn either - I'm planning to use it for a shawl. I did buy some fabric too:

Not sure yet what I will do with this Melbourne fabric (and the matching green) but I'm sure I will think of something!

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