Sunday, 14 August 2011

To market, to market

Today was the long awaited event - my first market! Around noon hubby dropped me off at Kerbside Lane to set up my stall, while he took the boys to the Queensland Museum. A few hours later they came back and manned my stall for a while:

It was a small market with a good vibe:

Music too:

I sold enough to make a profit (including a few of my Callies, which is encouraging), but all in all I think this market is not quite the right place for me - most visitors are young people looking for vintage clothes and accessories, not for the stuff I sell. I need a more family-oriented market!

However, I enjoyed being there - until suddenly around 4 pm it started to rain; for the first time in Brisbane in weeks! :-( And it didn't stop, so everyone quickly packed it in, and my boys came to collect me:

Now it's back to work for two days, then we're off to our caravan for two days (because of the Ekka holiday here in Brisbane) and after that, on Friday, my Confirmation. I'll be very happy when it's Friday night!

PS Spoonflower has a Free Swatch Day on August 18th! I think I'll order a Hippo Calligram swatch to make another Calli...

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