Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dutch Houses Cushion

Yesterday I made this Dutch Houses Cushion cover. It has a hidden zip that I am very proud of - I never inserted one before (always steered clear of zips) and sort of just figured out how to do it (well, it's not rocket science), and it worked!

The fabric is a leftover from the Spoonflower linen-cotton canvas I used for the Dutch Houses Bag. There's enough for another cover and both will go to our caravan.

I have added lots of new stuff that I made for the Kerbside Lane Markets to my Blue Jacaranda shop on MadeIt - Vintage Atlas Cards, Vintage Bookcover Cards, Chalk Cloth Gift Tags, Pencil Rolls and lots more. And I made and added this polka-dotted apron, modelled here by my almost-5-year-old:

I have also started on a design for a new quilt. I seem to be stuck in this small project mode - it's so easy to work on these things that are finished in a few hours or less, but much harder to start again on a large project that involves enlarging designs, screen printing etc... I long to be back in that flow, but there's so much else going on. (my PhD Confirmation has been postponed until September 6th...) However, I do hope to start on it this week. To be continued!

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Jantine said...

Die huizenstof is echt geweldig, wat je er ook van maakt, het blijft leuk.
Dat schortje vind ik ook erg lief, jammer dat mijn kinderen niet meer met keukentjes spelen ;-).