Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dolphin Cuddly Calli

Meet my Dolphin Calligram Cuddly toy! (Calli-Cuddle? Trying to think of a good name...) I made it from the Spoonflower swatch (8 inch square) that you have to order before you can put a fabric design up for sale. I have lots of them and suddenly thought this was a good way to use them! (yes, I still have to finish the Calligram Quilt for Robbie, also made with these swatches...)

I'm sure I will make some more of these Callies!

I'm also working on some new decoupage projects - a few photo frames to start with, for Blue Jacaranda at the Kerbside Lane Markets on August 14th. I really enjoy this technique; I brought some Chinese newspapers from Hong Kong with this in mind.

So... still no quilting here. I guess I will take it up again after the market. I'm thinking about a design for the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition. It will probably include some screen printing..!


Trillian As said...

I love your dolphin. You make so nice things.

Lynn Cohen said...

Dolphin is very cute...I imagine this would sell as a fun toy at those markets you are preparing for as well.

any hints on your Barcelona quilt?