Wednesday, 24 August 2011

More cushions

Today was my once-in-a-fortnight day-off - not at work, oldest two kids at school, youngest at Kindy - and I had a ball. Made two more cushion covers; another Dutch Houses one and a Brisbane Tram Scroll one; made from two tea towels that I bought a while ago at a little shop in Clayfield. I intended to make a bag out of them (never understood why you would make tea towels out of lovely fabrics) but really, I have enough bags...
Here's the other side:

(For overseas readers: all these names are Brisbane suburbs)

I also cleaned up my studio (trying to get used to calling it that) and found a number of projects that I started in the last few months (divers, skaters etc). Got very inspired to get going again!

I also googled some Barcelona images to find inspiration for the next Art Quilts Around the World challenge. And I found it! Looking forward to starting on that quilt soon.
I created a Gaudi board on Pinterest for my collection of photos. Pinterest is such a useful website!

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