Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rejection and rejoicing

I haven't shown you this quilt yet - it is called Monstera deliciosa and was inspired by this photo. I made it for Ozquilt Network's Australia Wide Two exhibition, but it was rejected.
A few days after that rejection I heard that the literature review I have written as the first part of my PhD thesis was rejected by the journal I had sent it too. That was a very sad day! I really felt like a total failure and thought I could better stop doing both things - art quilting and the PhD.

Now, a few days later, I am able to look at it more objectively and think, so what? They didn't like my quilt - well, I do, it is hanging in my sewing room now and I enjoy looking at it. I will send my review to another journal and I'm sure that eventually it will get published.

And then today I had some very good news - my Balance quilt has been sold in the SAQA Benefit Auction! And not even on the last day!!! I can't believe it, I was so sure I would get it back, unsold, after a month!

This was just what I needed to restore my confidence. It also tells me that I should continue with my screen printed images, I think the gymnast quilts are my best work so far. After our holidays (we leave tomorrow for a week's holiday in Noosa) I am going to finish the screen printed bicycle quilt that has been waiting for me far too long!

I have finished the Doors quilt; a sneak peek can be found on the AQATW blog. All our doors will be revealed on September 30th, so stay tuned!

I will be back on this blog in one week. Have a great time!


kirpi said...

I'm happy to read this post of yours, Linda.

Unknown said...

Have a great holiday Linda!


Jackie said...

I love your leaf quilt! I think it is gorgeous... and great news about selling your gymnast quilt.

I am a queen of rejection... Canada said no, Houston said no and several smaller shows said no to my quilts... I just figure I am getting all the rejections out in 2010 and can't wait for 2011=)
chin up!

Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Everything you do is fantastic Linda - no matter what those "experts" think! :-) I love all of your quilts - now go off and enjoy your holiday, I hope the weather improves for you - we just had a week in Bundaberg and it rained most days but we still went swimming ... when you're wet, you're wet!!


Aart said...

Linda, als nuchtere Hollander steek je toch gewoon je middelvinger op, niet waar de kinderen bij zijn, je quilt er erg mooi. Ik wens jullie een fijne vakantie toe en hopelijk weer gezond terug!

Lynn Cohen said...

I feel the ache/pain of rejection!
So glad for you that you had the huge success of a sale soon after.
And I admire your attitude. How well we know judges are so arbitrary...and yes, there will be some who like your work and it will receive the kudos it richly deserves.
I like that leaf quilt very much. I look forward to opening all the doors. Who's next? When am I to choose a challenge?

Kate said...

Hi Linda
it's not wishes!! And congrats on selling your quilt - that's great.

Janet said...

Your work is fabulous - don't let a little rejection get you down. Have a great holiday.

Jantine said...

Those gymnast quilts are awesome, I really love them. Don't you mind never seeing it again? I am not sure if I could let it go...
I am sorry about the rejection(s) but I am sure you will find somewhere to publish it!

Cobi said...

ik ben helemaal weg van je quilt van het blad. trok meteen m'n aandacht. heb je ook te horen gekregen waaróm ze 't niet goed (genoeg) vonden? de kleurovergangen zijn prachtig. handgeverfd neem ik aan?

Patty Ashworth said...

Susan Marshall's book put down the comments from judges on each of her quilts in her book. Some loved a quilt, and another judge would hate it. So I found that if I make a quilt that I love, most people will love it also. But it still may not do well. It depends on what other quilts you are up against also. I didn't win on one of my quilts, but it sold in that show. I made more than the best of show prize! So who won?! Do you really need a ribbon to justify your work? No. Love it. Piccaso rarely sold anything and look at the regard of his work now!