Sunday, 5 September 2010

Postcards, cards cases and tie-dyed shirts

I have received my first birthday card from the Dutch Fibermail group, from Hannie. Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait for the other 18 (!!) cards to arrive!

I made this card for the current swap - the theme is Mother and Child. The image I used is the International Breastfeeding Symbol, designed by Matt Daigle. (I was a volunteer breastfeeding counselor in the Netherlands before we moved to Australia, so this is a subject close to my heart)
The card was made in reverse applique, and I used the cut-out piece to make another card, which is now for sale in my MadeIt shop. A nice gift for a new mum!

Also for sale are these business card cases (you may remember I made one before, see here):

and this tie-dyed shirt (size 6) and onesie (size 0):

Of course I made shirts for my boys as well:

They love them!

Yes, I have been busy. I have an idea for a new quilt (maybe for the SAQA New Frontiers: Beyond Comfort exhibit) but am procrastinating, doing all this small stuff... Or maybe I am just letting my idea ripen... ;-)

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Lynn Cohen said...

Lots of pretty and fun things to see here today!!!!!!!!! You have been busy indeed! Bravo.