Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thermofax screen, postcards and ATCs

After our very busy weekend I finally found time to do some screen printing - yes, more gymnasts! Sally in Hobart, Tasmania, made this thermofax screen for me (thanks again, Sally!):

She has set up a Thermofax Shop and will burn your images for you. I am sure I will make use of her services again!

In the last week I have received four cards from the Dutch Fibermailers. This gorgeous Mother and Child card is from Hannie.

And here are three birthday cards, from Ellen, Evelyn and Olga:

And an ATC from Janet in Canada - her very first one! I think it turned out great:

Here are my ATCs that are still available for swapping (the top ones are made with silk paper, the bottom ones with a thermofax screen):


Kate said...

Hi Linda
would it be possible for you to reserve one of your dutch houses ATCs for me for swapping? I don't have an ATC ready today, but am planning to make one soon, and then we can swap? Thanks

Aart said...

Via deze weg doe ik het ook nog een keer, morgenochtend heb ik een verrassing voor je op mijn blog.