Sunday, 19 September 2010


Today we celebrated Robbie's and my birthday in our local park (he turned four last Wednesday). I made a chalk and oil cloth bunting using the last bits of the Dutch oil cloth. (actually there are 3 separate buntings)

These buntings (strange word!) are definitely not for sale but this chalk cloth and polka dot oilcloth one is, in my MadeIt store. I love that you can erase the message and write something else for the next party! (or garage sale, or whatever)

This is all the sewing I have done in the last week. I am a little quilt-tired... or rather, tired in general, and looking forward very much to our holiday in Noosa one week from today. I intend to do a lot of reading and playing with my new camera! After the holiday I hope to start on a new quilting project with new energy. Unfortunately I have to finish the Doors quilt for Art Quilts Around the World before we leave... I have made a start but I am so not inspired, even though it is my own theme...

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Margeeth said...

For mysterious reasons, it is most difficult to find inspiration for your own theme. I have had this happening to me a few times and heard about it from other people. I guess it has something to do with high expectations, the one who thought up the theme is expected to make something briljant, if only by herself?