Tuesday, 5 October 2010


We are back from Noosa! We had a lovely and very relaxed holiday - I read 5 books and made more than 600 photos ;-). The photo above is my favourite - don't you just love these kookaburras? (more photos can be found on my photo blog and our family blog)

On coming home, I found the samples I had ordered at Spoonflower. The alphabet for Robbie's calligram quilt is complete now; here you see them all laid out:

I'm thinking about what fabric to use for the sashings - a plain one (blue?) or maybe an alphabet fabric? Suggestions very welcome!

Thanks everyone for your kind coments on my last posting. I know rejections are part of the game (the art quilting game as well as the PhD game) and I have put them behind me now. A holiday helps too!


Selvage Quilter said...

Five books and 600 photos??
Hahaha. You are amazing!
I love your leaf quilt too.

Judy Warner said...

Hi Linda,
Love those birds. Glad it was a good holiday.

I would probably use a solid border to contain all those colors and keep my focus in. Understand what I mean?

I missed your last posts somehow - probably a crazy life here. Sorry about the rejections but congrats on the auction. I had the same thought.

I am really interested your figures. I am starting a series that uses some silhouettes so I like seeing what you are doing.

BTW, I think Monstera deliciosa is great.

Marie-Anne-José said...

This morning I read your blog and saw the birds. At school we learned a song about this bird and the whole day it was in my mind. It goes like this: Coocaburra sits on the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he, laugh coocaburra laugh, coocaburra gay your live must be. We didn`t kwow at that time how the birds look, so I saw it at your photo.
Have a nice day and greetings from Marianne