Thursday, 13 September 2012


Remember Lily and Gus, the Etsy shop I featured here in March? I got one of their whales for my youngest son, who loves cuddly toys. I gave it to him when he had a migraine and had just vomited all over his beloved Bear...

While Bear was cleaned, Walfie kept him company, and he quickly became one of Robbie's favourites. He took him along when we went to Europe and there a very sad thing happened... We stayed in many different places and somewhere along the way Walfie got lost :-(. Robbie was devastated, and once we were back home I asked Ashley if she could make another whale like the one we had. She could, and did, and it arrived here last week. Robbie was overjoyed, and so was Bear!

Meanwhile, Lily and Gus is a finalist in the Martha Stewart Presents American Made Awards - how awesome is that?! If you click on the link you can vote for them, and go in the draw for the sweepstakes as well!