Saturday, 15 September 2012

Aqua and Burlap Pencil Roll

The Burlap Pencil Roll I showed here a while ago quite unexpectedly became a big hit on Etsy - it has been on the front page twice and been viewed more than a thousand times since I first listed it on 12 August! (gasp!)
I have sold so many that it is now a 'made to order' item. It was also featured on the Illustration Friday blog (along with some other gorgeous pencill rolls and cases). Wow! what an experience! :-)

Today I thought I'd try a different design for a pencil roll. I used a piece of burlap that I had threaded with turquoise (thinking I might use it for a quilt but then changing my mind). I also added a 'flap' to fold over the pencils, so they can't fall out.

What do you think? I am quite happy with the latest addition to my pencil roll collection!

(not that I am keeping it - I still have the one that started it all and really, how many pencil rolls does a girl need? So it's up for sale, and remember: you still get 20% off by using coupon code ETSYVERSARY at check-out!)


Anonymous said...

De zaken gaan goed:-)) Petra

Anonymous said...

I love them. I have it favored as I am interested in ordering one for myself. I think you hit the jackpot! I was in a treasury with you with this pencil roll too. Now that's a coincidence.
How did you know it was on the front page? Does Etsy notify you?