Friday, 9 March 2012

Reverse Emporium

On Wednesday (my day off) after taking the boys to school I went to Reverse Garbage, a wonderful shop here in Brisbane that sells 'high-quality industrial discards'. They have a lovely gift shop, Reverse Emporium, where my Burlap Coffee Cards are now available for sale. I bought the coffee sacks at this shop and made the backing of these cards from a linen blouse found at the op shop. I also added a Dutch Houses card, screen printed on a piece of that same linen blouse, with a backing made from an old bed sheet. I plan to do more printing on salvaged materials as I really like the idea and might add a category of upcycled cards to my Etsy shop.

Of course I couldn't leave without buying something! These suede samples were irresistible:

... and how about these gorgeous fabrics?


Back at home (after doing the shopping and two loads of washing) I did a quick screen printing session, as I had a custom order for a Robot Calligram Print. I also printed this shirt as a birthday present for one of Hugo's gymnastics friends:

And then it was time to pick the boys up from school and take Hugo to gymnastics... Unfortunately there was no time for lunch, but I did have a lovely day! ;-)
Wish I could do this full-time... Maybe one day...

PS Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's blog posting, here or via email. Your comments were very useful!


Kate said...

I felt the same when my children were small - the time will come!

christina said...

Als je zoiets dan ook ziet kun je er ook geen dag langer meer zonder he. Je kunt je je zelfs niet voorstellen hoe je voordien altijd zonder kon